The different led Housing between Cold forging, Die caste and Graphene material.

At industrial retrofit light, LED play important role in special UFO High bay Light.

The quick speed of market demand is to inspire new style of raw material application.

From current market we can find clients touch Cold Forged, die caste and graphene etc the working proceedure of an LED Housing.  Each LED factories all give an profession explanation to descript their lamp with advantage feasture compare to other material housing and price for them aren't different at a big degree.  

Clients are confused and cautions of consideration to facing which view are correction and select which kinds of style UFO is the right way.  The meanwhile as professional LED factory from China, Union Option (Lighting Solution), suggestions suit consumers to make reference. A hot competition of production must be lead to more manufacture want to joint into to earn profit, lead to find replace of housing to save cost to get competitive quotation.  

We are familiar with die cast the working procedure is the wide application, that is because have more machines, equipment and experience on housing supply.

Beside die cast don’t only work for LED housing but also big application at other production. We think at least at the short future die cast still remain one kinds of housing suit to UFO High bay light.

We heard from cold forged procedure of LED housing since 2016 are popular and famous in the market, Cold forged is a very better way to test housing quality, cold forged need aluminum material precision of index is higher than those aluminum only can work for die cast.

After get an housing from Cold forged way, the next to do some treatment is very simple for the led housing, cold forged to produce housing the heat transmission of LED lighting is rapid speed.  Some problem we can find from cold forged is that the shape, pattern is boring, cold forged housing can't design to reach rich or complication shapes compare to die cast housing. The final housing is graphene material a very new concept and solutions to apply to UFO housing, from the description of graphene housing supplier we notice main features: light weight, same heat sink transmission, easy treatment at housing producing etc. At present still fewer suppliers who can have the technology, experience and equipment to produce graphene housing. We notice the cost graphene isn't a big degree competition compare to die cast or cold forged.

From current data on hand, we can't judge what will be wide took market of these different material led housing. We will get the answer after market test and consumers' selection.


Die cast housing

Die cast led housing

Cold Forging housing

Cold forged ufo housing


Graphene housing

 graphene led housing ufo high bay light