Analysis the phenomenon about UFO why popular at illumination in Industrial area

About Cold Forged Housing introduction:

Cold Forged or said Cold Forging belong to pressing (stamping, punch )work is industrial technology.

LED Housing need to select raw material of Aluminum what ismust be high denisty of a better heat sink transmission.

This kinds of high density aluminum to work for ufo housing can obtain hard shape enough to withstand any possible crack or scratch way that may against to claim by clients cause defective phenomenon happen during cargo in transport.

Here, for example some raw material of Aluminum may suit to die cast the working way to produce UFO Housing, however this kind of Aluminum material can't apply to "Cold Forged" or "Cold Forging".

We can define some feature on this UFO with Hardness body, High Density, simple structure of shape,high speed heat transmission

Cold Forging Aluminum is housing to make ufo high bay light

About price, how to offer suitable price, why we offer at this price?

 Our price show here are depend on Meanwell driver, lumileds 3030.  The price is different to use Meanwell dirver or no.

Our price scope is used Meanwell driver and other brand driver, ensure quality stable at least 3~5 years. We test supplier since 3 years later.

Please contact us if want to know the led driver suppliers' name.

We will provide lower price if replace our current led driver type and parameter.

UFO High bay light on testing aged 8 hrs

Why we recommend this Item ?

 We find that since 2016, cold forged housing of UFO have specially expand USA market by some factories, cold Forged the cost isn't expensive, main advantage on quality of heat sink speed quick or lower  to decide the brightness decay, light degradation.  We find the past 2 years, those factory since 2016 already have successfully keep stable cooperation with their clients who import these item.

cold forged UFO still popular and increase qty popular on expanding market, we can adjust the brightness is stable better, cold Forged is good idea housing for UFO High bay.

UFO High bay light installation Instructions

Main introduction of this Item

features of cold forging UFO High bay heat sink structure