New York LED High bay light 5000K 150W Ra>80 customization carton print brand logo USA client


The purchase order is for one New York client who stock based retail and wholesale to request print logo and relative company information on each carton.

Since 2015 industrial area of lighting retrofix of LED High bay lamp rang from resident to commercial field are popular.

Those beam angle 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°with reflector for High bay light, GKH 100W 150W each 500pcs 5000K Ra>80  90~277V AC Meanwell driver.

GKH 150W 500pcs 5000K Ra>80 90~277V AC Meanwell driver.

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LED High bay light with reflector beam angle and anti glare

 LED as a kind of new lighting source belong to one great illuminated revolution with excellent performance at lower carbon, enviroment friendly, energy consumption.

Industrial field is big power to promote human civilization progress of application the brightness such as Nana lamp,Metal halide lamps have ever play important role before LED High bay light generation.

At current life each country pursuit strong desire lower burn power to save energ and balance of ecology to grow up retrofit lighting fixture replace of LED High bay light.

We often find that labor at industry room, staff at office room under High intensity work, long time on job, under environment with strong light stimulation easy to happen of case of visual fatigue, that is because incorrect or Non science light application to lead headache, eyes Glare with a solutions of LED reflector from High bay light.  Beam Angle can combine anti glare and brightness of flux suitable arrangment.