LED High Bay UFO Lights

The UFO high bay light are perfect for lighting up wide areas having a sleek design and comes in different variety ranges. High bay lights are more popular in commercial field and these are pocket friendly too when it comes to cost of consumption of electricity comparing other light ranges providing same light, one 250W high bay UFO light can replace a 2000W metal halide light. UFO lights are named as such that these are designed to be placed at a high height from ground for better spreading of light and efficient lighting.

client visit led high bay light



One client who is from France to visit LED High Bay Light

client visit led high bay light

We are working for the Group Corporation. We have created a new company for 2 years in lighting business specialized in commercial lighting in France. 

We have visit your page and very interested in those LED High bay light.


The different led Housing between Cold forging, Die caste and Graphene material.

At industrial retrofit light, LED play important role in special UFO High bay Light.

The quick speed of market demand is to inspire new style of raw material application.

From current market we can find clients touch Cold Forged, die caste and graphene etc the working proceedure of an LED Housing.  Each LED factories all give an profession explanation to descript their lamp with advantage feasture compare to other material housing and price for them aren't different at a big degree.  


The current status of Die cast aluminum UFO High bay light in Market occupancy rate

          We obtain reporting from official news agency or social media to notice new brightness source has been realized by more and more consumers.

The rapid growth of consuming market to support all kinds of UFO High bay light in developed by more factories.

First, supporting the virtuous LED lighting growth in exporting economy also benefit to vendors' behavior in positive way.

The extremely lack industrial criteria of permission need to fill the technology principle and ensure those UFO High bay Light are satisfied by clients' expecation.

For efficient energy, environment frriednly, expand liftespan as core competition.

UFO LED High bay Light wholesale in stock base euro Holland AmsterdamMadrid



Analysis the phenomenon about UFO why popular at illumination in Industrial area

About Cold Forged Housing introduction:

Cold Forged or said Cold Forging belong to pressing (stamping, punch )work is industrial technology.

LED Housing need to select raw material of Aluminum what ismust be high denisty of a better heat sink transmission.

This kinds of high density aluminum to work for ufo housing can obtain hard shape enough to withstand any possible crack or scratch way that may against to claim by clients cause defective phenomenon happen during cargo in transport.

Here, for example some raw material of Aluminum may suit to die cast the working way to produce UFO Housing, however this kind of Aluminum material can't apply to "Cold Forged" or "Cold Forging".

We can define some feature on this UFO with Hardness body, High Density, simple structure of shape,high speed heat transmission

Cold Forging Aluminum is housing to make ufo high bay light


New York LED High bay light 5000K 150W Ra>80 customization carton print brand logo USA client


The purchase order is for one New York client who stock based retail and wholesale to request print logo and relative company information on each carton.

Since 2015 industrial area of lighting retrofix of LED High bay lamp rang from resident to commercial field are popular.

Those beam angle 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°with reflector for High bay light, GKH 100W 150W each 500pcs 5000K Ra>80  90~277V AC Meanwell driver.

GKH 150W 500pcs 5000K Ra>80 90~277V AC Meanwell driver.

IMG 20160126 170352


LED HIGH BAY LIGHT for car dealer Mall shop from Germany GmbH

The order is for one regular client who is in light business since 1980 from Germany.

We would like to cooperate with application of LED High bay light at industrial field.

The best sell LED High bay light include adjustable view angle

Our customer order quantity are 224pcs at power watt 200W, CCT color temperature at 3000/4000K, PHILIPS led brand 3030, Ra>80 GKL 135lm/W.

These Lamps already earn very high brightness lumen compare to present market, technical parameter of LED reflector Beam Angle 60°.

This is kinds of project for one car dealer 4S Mall at one southern city in Germany.